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People who are called to the outdoors spend countless hours immersed in it, which is just the way we like it. Day after day spent camping, hiking, backpacking, while documenting the breathtaking moments in the perfect photo -- captured forever, an unmatchable souvenir to take with us back to the real world. A reminder of why we go in the first place and why we often can think of nothing but getting back out.

Out. Hiking for days for a single frame. Carrying, hauling, sweating our way up to the tops of mountains and down to the bottoms of canyons. Why? If you had to ask, well, you probably wouldn't have stumbled across this curious little web outpost.

With the world as our backdrop, we've set up camp here to bring like-minded people together to teach and to learn, to view and to share. Gillette Outdoors was created to foster a community of ideas, inspiration, and adventure on all things outdoors. I hope you'll share your stories, tricks, or tips with us. Contact me at william@gilletteoutdoors.com -- your tale or knowledge may just show up in an upcoming video, blogs, or tutorial.

In the meantime, get out there.



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